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Old Town Square, Prague

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History in the amazing Old Town Square

I stayed just two days in Prague, but enough to affirm that the city is amazing. Despite many great attractions of the city, in my opinion one of the best is the Old Town Square, in the heart of the historic city. It is the oldest square of Prague and immensely beautiful, with medieval architecture represented in the houses. Besides this, are located in the square the Old Town City Hall, a famous and impressive building, from where you can have astonishing view of the city, and its Astronomical clock, a fascinating clock very rich in medieval details. The position of the Sun and Moon in the sky, the clockwork hourly and the calendar are represented in this attraction. From hour to hour, figures start to move, attracting the attention of the audience in the square. If I could, I would like to stay hours only admiring all the astronomical details of the clock. I really suggest sitting down outside of one of the cafes and restaurants to appreciate the stunning square and its monuments [more ]

The Churches of the Old Town Square

There are two Churches at the Old Town Square in Prague, each of them deserving the tourists' attention. The first one is the old Gothic church of Our Lady of Tyn which dominates the view of the square, but is not actually on it , but several meters behind some gothic houses. It is a great church (and a really old one) and has the typical for Prague othic towers, which turned this church into one of the most famous symbols of the city and one of most depicted views from it.
At the other end of the square is the basilica of St Nicholas (Sv.Mikulas; it should not be confused with the church in Mala Strana with the same name) which is a fine white Baroque church built in the 18-th century. The contrast between the two churches that are on the same square is really great - the first one is old, Gothic, black and dark inside without any decorations, while the second is newer, Baroque, white, with very much light entering and full of baroque decorations on the walls and the ceiling. Both churches helped me to apreciate the many different faces of both this marvelous square and this wonderful city. [more ]

The Old Town Square

The old town square (Staromestecke Nameste) in Prague is a wonderful big square in the middle of Prague city center. I was very pleasantly surprised by this square – it is full of old buildings and churches from all of its sides, there is also the old town hall of course and the whole square is dominated by the wonderful gothic church of “God’s Mother”. But it is much more “opened” than the main squares in Brussels or Bratislava, here one doesn’t feel surrounded by all those buildings like in a large hole between them. So I liked the Old town square in Prague really really much and I think it is one of the nicest squares in Europe. [more ]

Tower of the Old Square

I have two favourite places to have a panoramic view of Prague and the Tower of the Old Square is one of them. Right on the third floor we bought the tickets to have access to the tower. I don’t remember how much we paid but I remember all the prices were pretty decent. There is a nice lift for all those who have walked all around Prague and don’t have enough strength to get there walking, like us. The view from the Old Square Tower is just amazing, you can see all Prague with its red-orange ceilings and beautiful buildings. [more ]

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is the one of the main squares in Prague and I think is inside of the top 3 list of the best in Europe. It has beautiful buildings and churches. The buildings have different styles Baroque, Gothic, etc. The most visited are the Old Twon Tower, the Astronomical Clock and the Sant Nicholas Church. There is also a statue of a reformer known for his beliefs during the empire time. I recommend to have coffee at one of the coffee shops surrounding the square. The military band of Prague played soundtracks of movies and the atmosphere was perfect. Inside the churches or building are several concerts taking place, and you pay a benefit tariff. I recommend to look for those kinds of concerts because they are really good musicians. [more ]

Old Town Square

Old Town Square is located at Prague 1 (take Metro to Staromestska).

Old Town Square used to be a marketplace (that was back in the 12th century) however nowadays it will take your breath away as it is one of the most prettiest old squares with its churches and buildings and gives you an uncanny glimpse of the atmosphere, beauty and magic of Prague. The most notable buildings on the Old Town Square are the before mentioned Old Town Hall and Astronomical Tower, St. Nicholas' church and Church of Our Lady before Tyn. In the very center you will find the Jan Hus monument but this was also the place where Havel pronounced the end of Soviet rule after the end of the Velvet revolution. To soak up the atmosphere and just enjoy the view take in seat in one of the cafés and enjoy a coffee or that delicious Czech beer and watch the world go by. [more ]

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