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Children's Discovery Museum, San Jose

4.0 stars


Husky Corn Husk Dolls and Bubble Art at the Children's Discovery Museum

Grab a child, any child, and head for the bright purple building with an inflated rubber duck on the roof. This museum makes for a wild day of wonderment for children of all ages (and their chaperones). As a child, my hands-down favorite area was the corn husk doll station which kids craft their own dolls out of soggy husks and string. Later visits have led me to deeply appreciate “Bubbalogna”, a dripping bubble cave in which visitors experiment with soap and water and create ephemeral bubble art in the air. I’ve never med a kid who didn’t love the human-sized Monopoly board painted on the blacktop outside or the Water Ways exhibit that displays water pressure by sending plastic balls flying. If you love it on your first visit, you’ll be happy to go back again. [more ]

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