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The National Gallery, London

5.0 stars


"From Russia" is in London

Finally after a long negotiation the exhibition "From Russia" featuring 120 works of impressionists and post-impressionist will be opened this Friday (25.02.2008) in London gallery.
The problem was that British Law doesn't protect foreign works of Art against the claims of their original owners.
Some of the pictures were seized from their owners after the Revolution of 1917 in Russia. Since then they belong to the state. Russian authorities were afraid that during the exhibition period, which is quite long - till April 2008, someone may go to the court, claim the ownership and get everything back. Also the delay of the exhibition opening was influenced by difficulties in British-Russian relationship due to the British Council case.
Finally the immunity from seizure was given by Great Britain and thousands of interested people will enjoy Picasso, Cezanne, Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich and others. [more ]

An exhibition that brings Monet and other impressionists

The amazing National Gallery in London has an impeccable permanent collection, where is possible to see paintings of the most renowned artists of the world. In addiction, from 8th July to 20th September 2009, the gallery hosts a temporary exhibition called “Corot to Monet: a Fresh Look at Landscape from the Collection”. It is possible to observe great paintings and understand a little more about the development of the impressionism. Works from Claude Monet, John Constable, Francois-Xavier-Fabre and Jean-Baptiste-Camile Corot are exposed there, inclusive “The Thames below Westminster” from Monet, which used to be part of its permanent collection. The National Gallery also provides 15 minutes-video in the theatre of the Sainsbury Wing where you can also appreciate a little more the exhibition. The event is free of charge. [more ]

Visit Van Gogh´s wonderful "Sunflowers" at the National Gallery

Every time I am around Trafalgar Square I can´t resist walking in the National Gallery to see the Van Gogh´s "Sunflowers" yet one more time. As I visited the National Gallery so many times with every visiting friend I came to have a special affection for it. The building is wonderful, the artworks are fascinating. Although the entrance to the National Gallery is free it is worth to visit other special exhibitions of artworks brought temporarily to the gallery. It usually costs around 6 or 8 pounds. Last time I saw a Rafael temporary exhibition that was extraordinary. But of course the "treasure" here for me must be Van Gogh´s "Sunflowers". Also are beautiful views over Trafalgar Square and the Big Ben. [more ]

National Gallery: free and immensely interesting

It is impossible for me to go to the central London and don’t stop at Trafalgar Square to entry in the National Gallery. The duration of my visit can be ten minutes, half an hour or two hours, really doesn’t matter. It is always a pleasure to see paintings of the main European artists such as Monet, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Renoir and Turner. Constable’s The Hay Wain, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Monet’s Thames below Westminster are part of the National Gallery collection, one of the most comprehensive galleries. The first step to explore the place is taking a plan of the National Gallery. From there, you can decide which way to follow once the paintings are divided by date. Besides the permanent collection, the Gallery presents temporary exhibitions, which worth to be checked out (they are usually charged). The entrance for the permanent collection is free. [more ]

The National Gallery

If you're looking to count your pounds and your pence while in London
but need a museum fix, first head to the lobby of the Tate Modern.
Next, check out the very large, very free National Gallery near
Trafalgar Square. You'll get your share of Giottos, da Vincis, and Van
Goghs among many other exhibits and wings. It's a fun way to spend the
afternoon if you're looking for high culture on a low budget. Better
yet, go earlier to avoid the crowds and stop at the Marks and Spencer
nearby to get a fresh and inexpensive breakfast beforehand. You'll get
to see Trafalgar in the morning AND get free reign over a museum. [more ]

The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

A whole day is not enough to see all paintings exposed at the National Gallery. I've been there twice and I know I'll go again. As most of the museums in London, the National Gallery is free and it's a total immersione in the art world. Paintings e artists from every where in the world and every century, I could admire the masterpieces of Caravaggio, Leonardo, Canaletto, Monet, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Picasso, only to cite a few.
As soon as you come in, you can get a plan of the gallery (very helpful, otherwise you'll get lost in the labyrinth) and you can choose if get also an audioguide with interesting explanations, that one is paying, quite cheap but if you want you can leave an offer.
Starting the journey in the museum, you'll find it divided among historical periods and the different wings are matched with two centuries per wing. Personally, I love the Impressionists and every time I go I spend a good while with my favourite French artists but there is one painting that every time grabs me, it's the representation of the old Venice by Canaletto, the most detailed and perfect painting I've ever seen, it seems like a photo and I can't avoid thinking how pity it is that he's not as famous as Picasso.
It doesn't matter whether you are an art-lover or not, the National Gallery is a must. [more ]

The National Gallery

The National Gallery, unlike its brother, The National Portrait Gallery, holds a wealth of exhibits such as statues and other odd collections along with its vast array of portraits and paintings. Generally, entry is free to visitors looking to come during regular hours, but in order to view some of their limited exhibits, a small fee is to be paid, usually no more than £8, from what I can remember, which includes access to their bar and live music while viewing the exhibit. It's a magnificent gallery and I would recommend anyone to visit! [more ]

National Gallery

Even though National Gallery might sound corny and too tourist like, however if it your first trip to London and you are an art lover, you cannot miss National Gallery. And trust me there is a reason why National Gallery is so popular and has so many visitors. And it does not matter if you are a novice to art because the collection on display at the National Gallery is so expansive and covers such a wide variety of styles, period and painters that you will find yourself stretched for choice and there are bound to be at least a few paintings that you recognize even if you are not an art affecionado. Works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Botticelli, Rubens and Da Vinchi all can be found at the National Gallery. As I said I pop in if nothing else but to see Van Gogh Sunflowers. The added advantage of National gallery, apart from the master pieces on display, is the fact that is so centrally located so you will be doing some sightseeing as well. National gallery is situated on Trafalgar square which is another quintessential London experience. From Trafalgar square you can take a walk to the Leicester square which is always hustling and bustling regardless of the time of the day. Who knows you might even catch a movie premiere if you are lucky.
The opening hours of the National Gallery are from Mon – Sun from 10:00am until 6:00pm (on Wednesdays the Gallery is open until 9:00pm) and the admission is free. [more ]

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