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U Mozarta, Prague

5.0 stars


Museum: Mozart museum

For those of you that might not know, the great artist, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart moved in to Prague to finish the last parts of his opera, Don Giovanni. What at first seemed only a temporary home, became later on a permanent residence, where even after his death, his family and sons moved back to Prague for good. It is located close to the center area, at about 20 to 30 minutes and you can easily go by tram that will leave you in front of the house. The house is not that big but it is surrounded by a spectacular garden, and vineyard. Inside the house he lived in you can find the original furniture, some of his masterpieces and family pictures and the curator says that some pieces of furniture have been kept in the original position as Mozart himself might have left them. If you visit Prague in the spring/summer it is great because weekly there are musical concerts played here, off course the music played is the one composed by the great musician. A downfall, and mostly in winter might be the steep hill you have to climb to get there especially if it has rained it is all muddy and until you reach the top you feel like you have walked for miles. [more ]

Mozart’s house

I love Mozart’s music, therefore I was excited to know one of the places Mozart lived. The house is located in the Bertramka village, in a nice neighborhood. I noticed there were lots of places in Prague showing Mozart’s piece Don Giovanni, with puppets (which I also recommend) and also human representations (they are expensive) however I did not know exactly why. It was until we visited Mozart’s house that we knew Mozart composed the last part of Don Giovanni in Prague right in this beautiful house, where he also composed other material. In order to remember Mozart today, concerts are held in the Garden of the house. It is a must do. The garden has a special peace and light atmosphere. [more ]

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