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Dunas de Maspalomas

4.0 stars


Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve

The Maspalomas Dunes is an amazing and fun place to visit! Just like a piece of the Sahara in the corner of and Island. The dunes go for kilometers by the beach. The dunes change continuously with the strong winds which is a main feature of this side of the Gran Canaria Island. Walking in the dunes can be a bit tiring after a while but it´s great fun to jump or slide down. Most people walk along the beach and cross the dunes to get to some other areas. Also there is a long promenade along the beach with great views of the Dunes. Some areas are populated by nudist so if you are not keen to see people in their birth suits try to walk by the beach. [more ]

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Dunas de Maspalomas Maspalomas Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve
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