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Oktoberfest, Munich

5.0 stars


Munich Oktoberfest - ein prost!

Munich’s Oktoberfest is certainly one of the largest popular parties in the world. Its roots go back to a royal wedding that the Bavarians and people from all over the world still celebrate every year.
Of course beer is an essential part in the festivities – and in fact you must drink lots of it in order to enter the spirit of the all thing. Otherwise you will never socialize “properly” with whoever seats next to you in the always crowded tables of the many brewery tends that set the fest space.
On the practical side after many beers it may not be a good idea to ride a roller coaster and puke upside down – as it may be boring also to wait for hours and hours in order to enter one beer house. If you forget the nasty parts of every party with “drunken people all over the place” – then it can really be a well spent time with old and new to be friends. Plus the old nice horse chariots that carry the beer barrels and the cute, cute beer waitresses – ah, that makes for all of it!! Yeap half the people will be dressing typical Bavarian costumes – you can’t miss those in the streets - and it can rain all the time, but who cares…beer is beer, a party is a party… [more ]


Oktoberfest in Munich is the biggest beer festival of the year. The festival starts with a twelve gun salute and is followed by tapping of the first keg. Then Oktoberfest has begun and everyone can start drinking beer and enjoying in the festivities. The festival offers roller coasters, festival parades and even live bands. Everyday during the festival is a reason to drink. Some of the problems is that people will drink too much and can be found stumbling throughout Munich.

I enjoy Oktoberfest because it is a long celebration about drinking beer. The festival is in no way related to the movie Beerfest. People just have a good time and if you are ready for beer drinking Bavarian fun, I would highly recommend comming for the Oktoberfest.


This year Oktoberfest will last from September 22nd - October 7th. Yearly the fest usually start at the end of September and lasts into the first week of October.

Beer Serving HoursWeekdays: 10am - 10:30pmSaturdays, Sundays and holidays: 9am - 10:30pmDaily Tent Closing Time: 11:30pmThe "Käfer Wiesn-Schänke" and the "Weinzelt" are open until 1am. Last call for alcohol: 12:15am.” [more ]

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