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Naryn - Tian Shan Deer Nursery

While travelling through Kyrgyzstan last summer, I took a detour from Naryn out to Irii Suu to check out the Tian Shan Deer Nursery. Community Based Tourism in Naryn offers to drive individuals or groups out to the Nursery but its much cheaper and more interesting to find it on your own. To do that, hop on one of the old Soviet buses from Naryn to Irii Suu (leaving town at 8am and 4pm) and get out when you see a big sign with a picture of a red deer pointing to the right. You then need to walk (or ask around for a ride) about 5 kilometers. There is only one road, so it's impossible to get lost and the walk is quite pleasant in good weather.

The Nursery is located on the... [more ]

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