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TV Tower, Berlin

4.0 stars


Better than tv

I'm not normally one for going up towers just to see the view - it seems like there are better things to spend one's money on. But the TV Tower in Berlin, at about 10 Euro, was well worth the money.
We didn't go to the restaurant, but we did enjoy a beer at the bar on the viewing deck.
If you choose your time right, or get lucky like we did, you can catch the city by day and then watch the sunset.
It was great to go up after having explored the city on the groundlevel, and be able to get a bit better perspective on what was actually where. [more ]

The Popes Revenge, Berlin TV tower

Near Alexanderplatz, the Berliner Fernsehturm or TV tower, is a well known landmark in Berlin. It was built in the late 1960's in East Berlin under communism. Many churches were repressed under communism in east Germany. The irony, or the "Pope's Revenge", is that when the sun shines on the TV tower, it makes the sign of a cross. So even with many of the churches destroyed, a bright symbol of God was displayed over the city.

The tower is over 360 meters high. In the middle of the sphere is a restaurant and a viewing platform. It is not cheap to get the incredible view, so if you're like me (with a slim wallet!) you will have to be content with a view of the tower from the ground.

It makes for a good "North star" in the city. If you know where you are in relation to the TV tower, that can help you keep your bearings. [more ]

Berlin's TV Tower - also known as the Pope's Revenge and Honecker's Last Erection

So you've just arrived in Berlin and are wondering what that giant disco ball / death star that you can see from every spot in Berlin is? Well it's the TV Tower (Fernsehturm) which was built in East Berlin during the Cold War, perhaps as a way for the East to say to the West 'Look how fantastic we are, building this huge, impressive structure'. It didn't really happen that way though, it was discovered that they were having trouble building the TV Tower on the swampy ground of Berlin and secretly flew in Swedish engineers!!

You can go to the viewing platform inside that giant disco ball / death star and get a brilliant view over the city. It costs around 8 euro to enter and there is also a restaurant and cafe up there.

So, you're probably wondering about the weird nicknames? Well first of all it was named the 'Pope's Revenge' because when the Sun shines on the sphere the symbol of a cross rebounds off the surface for all to see. Of course, this isn't really something Communists stand for (there was a lot of suppression of churches in East Berlin) and they tried for years to remove it. Eric Honecker, failed to do so during his entire time in power... and so it was also nicknamed 'Honecker's Last Erection!!' [more ]

Fernseheturm (TV Tower)

The Berlin TV tower is still the tallest building in the city; it is approximately 365 meters tall. The tower has a red and white antenna that can be seen from all over Berlin, I was really excited about going there and I remember walking from far looking at the antenna getting closer and closer.
Some people call the tower “Telespargel” it more of its colloquial name. The tower opens around 10 o’ clock in the morning and closes at midnight. It also has a restaurant where one can see a 360 degree view of the city. I really liked it, but the CN tower in Canada keeps being my favorite tower. [more ]

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