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Weisses Bräuhaus, Munich

4.0 stars


Fantastic experience

I don't go to German beerhouses often enough. This one is so charming - it's a lovely, older place that serves the finest in real Bavarian cuisine. They make these huge plates of food that are so tasty and filling, and of course the beer is phenomenally good. The only downside is that tourists seem to have caught on to this place, so it's often full of rowdy travelers. Other than that, the service is good, and the food excellent. I'm always in a good mood by the time I leave there, and it's not just because of the beer. [more ]

Excellent food and Weissbier

Weissen Bräuhaus is the restaurant of the Weissbier producer Schneider Weisse. Schneider Weisse is a smaller brewery in München but that does not mean that the quality is any worse, the beer is good! The restaurant is located smack in the middle of München right next to Marienplatz. Go in the direction of the Spielzeugmuseum and after a couple of hundred meters you will have it on your left hand side. The Weissen Bräuhaus is as big as any of the other restaurants with room after room after room. The waitress was a bit stressed out but we got the food we asked for and it did not take too much time. This restaurant is an excellent place to dig in on one of the Bavarian special dishes while enjoying a fresh glass of Wessbier. [more ]

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