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Landhaus Scherrer, Hamburg

5.0 stars


Eating with the Stars....

This place is sooooo far out of my price league, it's almost tragic! I got dragged along to a business thing and almost didn't dare to touch the silverware, but eating with your hands would not be appreciated here. The restaurant is on Elbchaussee, which is the most expensive street in Germany, I think. It serves German cuisine and you'll pay €30 upwards for a main course!! Admittedly the food knocks your socks off, it's that good, and it's all neatly arranged and decorated with flower blossoms and stuff. I did feel a bit misplaced in there, you basically have lunch with some of the richest people in town, and you should be dressed at least appropriately for a fancy restaurant, though it's not like you have to throw on a tuxedo. [more ]

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Further Ratings (Average 3.1 of 5):

  • Feinschmecker: 3,5 F's
  • Michelin Class: 3
  • Michelin: 1 star
  • Der Grosse Restaurant Guide: 3 chef's hats
  • Schlemmer Atlas: 4 von 5 Kochlöffeln
  • Varta Guide: 3 diamonds
  • Prinz: 4 P's
  • Restaurantkritik (Food): 3,83 points
  • Restaurantkritik (Value): 3,22 points
  • Pointoo: 3 of 5 points

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