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Prinz Myshkin, Munich

4.0 stars


Spoiled for choice

These people really take vegetarian food to its far extremes. I have never seen such a varied menu in my life, not even at meat-serving restaurants. It's a little overwhelming, actually, kind of like the menu at Cheesecake Factory. The food is excellent, though many choices are not vegan so you do specifically have to ask if certain dishes have cheese or eggs in them. I didn't leave hungry, that's for sure, which is my usual complaint with veggie food. The service struggles sometimes during busy hours, so prepare to wait a while. [more ]

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Further Ratings (Average 3.7 of 5):

  • Prinz: 5 P's
  • Restaurantkritik (Food): 3,83 points
  • Restaurantkritik (Value): 3,67 points
  • Pointoo: 1 of 5 points

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