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Le Petit Léon, Lyon

5.0 stars


Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant has to be one of the best Thai restaurants in all of Lyon, if not all of France, based on comparison to some of the other restaurants we've dined at in the past, and this one really stands out. Blue Elephant may seem a bit expensive at first, but once you see how large the portion sizes, you'll think otherwise! At the Lyon location, we shared an appetizer of Chicken Satay and I ended up with some delicious fried rice that had bits of eggs, vegetables, shrimp and crab meat in it along with an order of Green Chicken Curry -- delicious! If my memory serves me right, my husband had grilled lobster and our son had frog legs with fried rice, and our bill came to a grand total of almost 100 Euros, which sounds like a lot, yes, but considering how large the portion sizes were, that we each had side dishes and my husband had lobster, it really wasn't a bad price at all. [more ]

Le Petit Léon

Le Petit Léon was one of the many restaurants we visited while roaming about Lyon for a week, and I must say that it was one of the best, in my opinion. It was a very homely-looking place with creamy yellow walls, dark wood accents, plants and old paintings and decorations that were very pleasing to the eye. We had a very nice waiter greet us once we were seated, who even treated our son like an adult, as well, and took his order first after making a few recommendations. My husband had black pudding while our son and I had roast cod steak, which we both loved, although my son wasn't able to finish his small portion, so my husband had the rest and agreed that it was indeed tasty. The best thing about Le Petit Léon is the fact that they're rather cheap: we paid no more than 30 Euros for our entire meal! [more ]

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