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Cracco-Peck, Milan

4.0 stars


Peck: Italian Harrods food hall

An Italian Harrods food hall is right description for Peck. For people who love Italian food and can afford it, they always go to Peck. Honestly, I can afford the cheese only. The prices are not like normally in the supermarkets in Milan, could be 2-3 times more, but you can’t buy this dairy food in the normal supermarkets. But if you are lucky, sometimes they give “Special of the month” offer and it is cheaper. If you ask me how expensive it is, how about an extra-aged traditional balsamico of Modena (Italian vinegar) for 122 Euro / 10 Cl, and cheese costs 21-72 Euro/kg depending on the kind of cheese.

Peck is quite big; besides cheese, ham, vinegar, olives, bacon, caviar, wine; on the other side you can also get dessert like Italian ice cream and some cookies or cakes. I like to go there just to check the food (window shopping) or buy the cheapest cheese. If you are in Milan, you should check it. Nothing to lose, looking is always free. [more ]


We were lucky enough to be able to dine in Cracco-Peck whilst in Milan. We had actually been recommened Cracco-Peck as a place to eat by my boyfriend's dad and it was a very good choice. We stopped off first of all in 'Peck' which is the food store that this restaurant is linked to. They sell the best range of cheeses and delicacies I've ever tried. Try before you buy if you can.

Cracci-Peck is a fairly famous restaurant in Milan and the food is truly amazing as is the wine list- and I'm not that easily pleased! Try anything that has parmesan cheese in it (there is a lot of cheese on the menu). Be warned: this restaurant is not cheap, only go for a real treat. We spent hardly any money on anything else in Milan and saved ourselves for the food! [more ]

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Cracco-Peck Milan on the way to Peck
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