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Ferienwohnung Entennest, Moos

5.0 stars


The Entennest itself

It turned out to be just a beginning of a week full of outdoor activities and cool discoveries around this area. First of all, I want to tell you guys about their house. They have a very well-taken-care-of garden filled with very big and beautiful apple trees and walnut trees and many different kinds of flowers and a small cute pond that was actually created for the wild ducks that have always come to their yard to give birth to all their baby ducks from Bodensee. This pond is filled with many kinds of trees that live under the water and water lilies. They also place many benches scattered in their garden under the trees’ shadow, which makes their garden even more likeable and romantic in its own way. If you happen to choose this vacation house as your next destination, don’t forget to spend some time exploring this beautiful garden. [more ]

Ferienwohnung Entennest am Bodensee

I always want to tell everybody about this beautiful house, Entennest Ferienwohnung. This house is located in a small town, named Moos-Weiler, along Bodensee. If you are all stressed out about work and life and everything, give this destination a try and stay at this holiday flat for some days. This place is totally a family business and belongs to family Hundt. They are very friendly and helpful. Even though they don’t offer room service everyday, or breakfast or lunch, they will always be happy to help you out with everything like cooking or shopping for food or stuff like that. The couple is absolutely loveable and they use the money earned from this holiday flat for charity. The wife was actually running an organisation donating for a Vietnamese orphanage that they built up a long time ago. Not being the organisors anymore, they have never stopped helping developing this meaningful organisation. There are also many outdoor activities available around Bodensee that you can take part in, and remember that you are already helping some kids in Vietnam whilst staying at this holiday flat and nowhere else. [more ]

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