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Al Azhar Mosque, Cairo

4.0 stars


Al Azhar Mosque, Islamic Cairo

This is a not-to-be-missed attraction in Islamic Cairo. The mosque is across the main road from the Khan al Khalili, and its three minarets dominate the view. I found it to be one of the most accessible and one of the most beautiful mosques in Cairo. I was met at the entrance by a man who appointed himself my tour guide. The tour consisted of him pointing at things and telling me to take a photo; give the "tour" a miss if you can slip past the men gathered at the gate! But don't miss the mosque itself. I was asked to wear a long robe, to cover my head, and to take off my shoes, all of which required the ubiquitous baksheesh. It was well worth the money. The inner rooms of the mosque contain some gorgeous mihrabs, and the tomb chamber is in a very old style which contrasts with some of the other architectural styles in this eclectic building. Even if you're not particularly interested in Islamic architecture, this mosque is well worth a visit. [more ]

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Al Azhar Mosque Cairo Courtyard of Al Azhar Mosque Minarets at Al Azhar Mosque Al-Azhar Mosque Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo
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