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Fishawi's Coffehouse, Cairo

4.0 stars


Fishawi's Coffeehouse

Generally I would say that restaurants and cafes in the Khan al Khalili are to be avoided. They tend to be crowded with busloads of tourists, and the prices are far too expensive for the quality. Fishawi's Coffeehouse is an exception. While the average price of a sheesha or a cup of mint tea is more than you would pay elsewhere, the atmosphere is well worth the price. You can sit inside, surrounded by mirrors, though I prefer to sit out under the awning. The customers are usually an equal mix of locals and tourists, and I found that I had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people here, from local taxi drivers to Libyan businessmen to a professor from Alexandria who wanted to discuss international politics! I've spent hours here smoking, drinking tea, and watching people go by. It never fails to be an interesting experience. [more ]

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