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Trianon, Cairo

4.0 stars


Great Place for an Outdoor Meal or Light Snack on the Banks of the Nile

Trianon is a chain of restaurants and cafes in Cairo. The one I visited is a restaurant with both French and Westernized Egyptian food set on the banks of the Nile just across from the southern tip of Gezira. The restaurant itself has a wonderful atmosphere. The seating is 80% outdoor, with bubbling fountains, huge comfortable couches, and canopies to protect customers from the blazing sun. The breezes off the Nile keep diners cool, as do the huge ice cream parfaits! The food is good, not great, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it. The prices are reasonable, and the clientele is mostly Egyptian. I recommend this for a lazy afternoon of lounging and watching the boat traffic on the Nile or for a sunset drink or steak dinner. [more ]

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