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Nobi's Stables, Luxor

4.0 stars


Magnifiques balades à cheval

Je suis enchanté de mes deux sorties à cheval aux Ecuries de Nobi : une première balade de 2h00 dans le village et le long du Nil, puis une seconde de 3h00 dans le désert en passant par le Temple de Medinet Habou : fabuleux avec des couleurs paradisiaques.
Les chevaux sont en parfaite santé et bien soignés, et notre accompagnateur toujours soucieux de la sécurité (Au pas dans les carrefours, au trot près des écoles et au galop sur les chemins dégagés et dans le désert.
Par chance, j'ai pu voir deux alligators dans les canaux du Nil !
Encore merci à nos amis égyptiens.
JR [more ]

real fine trip with real kind people

first day... camels
second day ... horses
two real cool afternoons across the villages and along the nile.
Nobi is a real nice person and the guys of the stuff are great !!

And thanx again, everybody , for my cam (I lost it before I leave, they found it in the street and sent it back to me in france..) ( thanx christoph !! )
hope to be back in november with a few friends !!


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A Sunset Desert Ride

Nobi's stables is a great place to rent a horse for a ride. You can ride alongside the Nile or out into the desert. We chose to ride into the desert and watch the sunset. It was beautiful! The horses are healthy, which is often not the case in Egyptian stables, and the price is fair: 20-25 Egyptian pounds per hour, depending on your bargaining skills. You can go out for 1, 2, or 3 hours, or for all-day rides. Be sure to go alone or with your traveling partners, but don't bring a guide! The price jumps through the roof if you bring a guide looking for a commission.

When Nobi asks about your level of riding experience, be honest! My husband and I are experienced riders, and we were given one fairly well-trained horse and one nearly untrained horse. Be sure you ask for exactly what you want; our horses were very fast and a bit hard to handle, which was enjoyable for us, but might not be for a novice rider. Nobi assured us he had very docile horses as well, if that is your preference. This was a great experience and one I would highly recommend as a good way to see a bit more of the landscape or to round off a day of sightseeing in Luxor. [more ]

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Nobi's Stables Luxor
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