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Kakadu Nationalpark, Darwin

4.0 stars


Twin Falls - freshwater crocodiles and rock pools

One of the highlights of Kakadu National Park is definitely Twin Falls. A winding river leads through the gorge up to the pool at the base of the falls, which is lined by a beautiful sandy beach that can only reached by swimming the last kilometer or so. Freshwater crocodiles have been sighted here, but our tourguide quickly convinced us of their harmlessness. You can climb up to rockpools on the plateau above the falls, which allow for risk-free swimming - and you're likely to be on your own here away from the crowds forming down there on the beach. [more ]

Jabiru – a one-stop station in the wilderness of Kakadu

In the wilderness of Kakadu National Park, once you enter right into the heart of it, it might be difficult to find some daily necessities you might have forgotten to bring along unless you come to Jabiru.

The only town amidst the outback nature, Jabiru is a one-stop station for those going on a hiking tour and in need of petrol and essential food/products. There is a petrol kiosk, as well as a few grocery stores, perfect for you to stop over and grab whatever items you need for the tours.

Remember to get everything you need here, if not you might just find yourself out of touch once you leave this town into the wilderness! [more ]

Rich Aboriginal culture in Kakadu National Park

Nowhere else in Australia can you soak in more Aboriginal culture than here in the Top End of the Northern Territory. The Kakadu National Park is home to the remaining Aborigines population in Australia. In fact, the Kakadu is half-owned by the Aborigines who originally owned this entire plot of area.

From the main entrance of the National Park, you will be greeted by an Aboriginal Cultural Center that shows you an intriguing side of their lifestyle here in the outback. Watch out for the video at the end of the center, that films the Aboriginals’ daily lives, how they hunt for food and survive in the wilderness.

Besides the Cultural Center, Aboriginal Rock Art can also be found in several sites of the Kakadu. Hike up to the Ubirr Look Out where a scene from the movie, ‘Crocodile Dundee’ was filmed. You can find amazing rock art that depicts how the ancient Aborigines pass on stories and lessons to their next generation. [more ]

Educational Kakadu National Park

Make sure you get to do some hiking at Kakadu, or Kakadont as some people called it. Kakadu National Park is a good site to explore if you are interested in finding more its Aboriginal cultural background. I hiked up to the top of the waterfalls and sat in the rock pool. Make sure you are well prepared to go to Kakadu as there are no shops available except one at Jabiru, a small town in the middle of Kakadu. I choose to lodge in the National Park as the cost was really afordable.7$AUS per person. I got to see what it seemed hundreds of salt water crocodiles. Around 500 Aboriginal locals live in the Park. You´ll find many wall paintings along the park. [more ]

Aboriginal rock art

Nourlangie Rock is an area in the East of the National Park and is well worth a visit for everyone who is interested in Aboriginal rock painings. The oldest paintings are 20,000 years old. Apart form paintings the area around Nourlangie Rock offers several walking trails and a great view from the high plateau across the forested lowlands. This is a great place to watch the sunset - the colors are a beautiful blend of red and green. [more ]

Fun climb to the top of Jim Jim Falls

One of the most beautiful and most demanding experiences in Kakadu National Park was the climb up to the top of Jim Jim Falls. Jim Jim Falls itself is only accessible by 4WD and the climb up the 230 meter high waterfalls is very difficult and should maybe not be attempted without a tour guide. But its's very much worth it and - at least in my opininon - it's great fun. Rock pools with clear water offer cooling off with a breathtaking view: From up here you can look down on all the people who stayed at the bottom. And you are likely to have the place to yourself unless another group arrives at the same time. [more ]

Tour or rental car?

If you're going to Kakadu National park you have to face the decision: take a tour or rent your own car? Most areas in the park are not accessible by conventional vehicle and if you want your visit to be worthwhile, you will definitely need a 4x4 vehicle. Then there's the aspect to consider that a knowledgeable tour guide will be able to take you place you would not be able to find yourself. I don't usually like tours much, but going to Kakadu I decided to take one. In this case it was the right decision. The guide took us to many places off the beaten track while everyone else was gathering at the popular Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls. (which we visited as well of course). For Kakadu NP, I would always opt for a tour again. [more ]

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