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Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore City

5.0 stars


Adults to be accompanied by children at all times

The highlight of my stay in Singapore was the Children's Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It was a fair distance away from the main attraction, the Orchid Gardens, but the walk was well worth it! My whole family loved it; it had everything a child could dream of – playgrounds, a maze, a tree house and more educational activities for the older kids. Best of all was the water play area where sprinkles turn on as you come close.
Entrance is free, but you will not be allowed in unless you have a child with you. Maybe, you can borrow one for the day if you don’t have children of your own. [more ]

Here comes the sun....

Botanical Gardens( I call Botac for short) is a nice place to hang out and chill when you are stressed or need a breather from the city life. See the nature and feel the vitamin D penetrating into your skin. Visit the 2-4 swans and feed them with bread or vege, there's tortoise too and all the furry cute cute animals. Great place to have a photoshoot. You will find wedding photo shoots held here as well. It's really a beautiful place [more ]

Not just orchids

The Botanic Gardens are so much more than just orchids. I wish I had known earlier how big they were and had planned to spend a whole day there. As it was, we got there in the afternoon, we had to hurry through and completely missed a few parts that I would have liked to see. We visited the ginger garden and this was the first time I saw how ginger grew. Usually, I only see it in food. I loved the palm valley: the combination of tall proud trees and little bush-like palms was quite fascinating. I wish I had more time to explore the bonsai collection and the rainforest. That gives me a reason to go back to Singapore, doesn’t it? [more ]


The National Orchid Garden is the best known attraction of the Botanic Gardens. There is a small fee (SGD 5) to enter and this is the only part of the Botanic Gardens you need to pay for to get in. We were there in October and everything was in full blossom. The variety of shapes and colours was astounding. If I had not known that all these flowers were orchids, I would have never thought that they belonged to the same family. There was a coolhouse for the orchids that naturally grew in cooler climate and we found some relief from the heat there, enjoying beautiful flowers at the same time. I am not into gardening, but even so, I was really impressed. It must be heaven for true orchid lovers. [more ]

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