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The Lounge, Melbourne

4.0 stars


The Lounge Bar (at Night) - its very different!

So many people always tell me to go to the Lounge if I want to party and every time it totally baffles me as I have been there so many times and I had no idea what they were talking about! To me it’s a place for quiet drinks and amazing tasting nachos (at great prices too by the way!) However, I recently met a friend there and for once I stayed pretty late and to my total surprise I actually got what everyone was talking about, after about 11.30pm the place seems to transform into a pretty groovy place, the music is disco/electro type and it’s actually a really nice vibe in there. It’s free to get in if it’s before about 10pm I think, after that it’s between $5 and $10. [more ]

Not such a cozy Lounge

I went few times to the Lounge, a night club on Swanston Street, but to be honest I didn’t like this place. The music was average most of the time. The best parties were probably the funky nights, with old school music. That was the only time when I saw few people going crazy on the dance floor. Otherwise this place is usually empty and boring. It’s all right though if you just feel like playing pool, but after this is not rescuing my opinion about this local. Drinks are not cheap and the tables look dirty. From the other hand, if you are with a big group of friends, you can be sure that you will find enough seats… There is a big balcony with a view on Swanston Street is great to see what is going on somewhere else. [more ]

Hanging Out at the Lounge in Melbourne

If you are looking for a place that has good drinks, a cool atmosphere, and a convenient location, hit up the Lounge in Melbourne. The Lounge is located at 243 Swanston Street and their telephone number is (03) 9663 2916. Schedule information is available at It’s helpful to check the website in advance so you know what types of music will be on for the night. The Lounge has an upstairs and a downstairs. The upstairs has the main bar, some pool tables, a dance floor, and seating indoors and out on the balcony. The downstairs is more intimate and has a smaller feel. You can get meals upstairs, but I recommend eating in the downstairs area at the cozier tables. Their menu is varied and prices for main meals tend to range between A$11.00 to A$30.00. After eating, you can head upstairs to burn off the calories. One cool thing about the Lounge is that it holds local contemporary art exhibitions. As an additional note, ask at the bar for free wireless internet connection if you happen to have your laptop on you. Finally, don’t be surprised if you happen to see the bouncers in action. Unfortunately, fights can and do break out at any of Melbourne’s bars and clubs, but count on the Lounge staff to get rid of any troublemakers. [more ]

The Lounge Bar

The Lounge bar is located on Swanston Street not too far from the State Library and it is set over two floors. The ground floor is more cafe orientated and also has outdoor seating. I always go upstairs, its more bar orientated and there is a big balcony out the back so you can smoke, if its cold they also have outdoor heaters. Upstairs also serves food, more bar type food though and orders are taken at the bar, there is no table service (you will need to go downstairs if thats what you want). The prices are great for the size of the portions that you get, I can never eat a whole portion (and I'm the kind of person that will easily eat 2 peoples dinners!) If you do visit the lounge you must try the nachos as they really are the best nachos that I have ever had! They come in two sizes and the small size is easily big enough for two people (I eat loads so its probably big enough for more people actually!) The service is good and there are some brilliant art work on the walls that is available to buy, really funky stuff! Its pretty funky music, but very relaxed and chilled. There is also a pool table. [more ]

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