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Duta Mall, Banjarmasin

5.0 stars


Duta Mall

There is another mall in Banjarmasin which is also as famous as Mitra Plaza but I gotta say, the mall is way better than Mitra Plaza; this mall is called Duta Mall. More grand, more complete, and more in everything and it’s also located more to downtown compare to Mitra Plaza; while Mitra Plaza is located at Jalan Pangeran Antasari, Duta Mall is located at Jalan Ahmad Yani.

I believe Duta Mall is the only huge mall in Banjarmasin and it is quite fancy. The food court offers you not just local foods but also international dishes and the bakery drove me nuts whenever I passed it by while wandering around inside the mall. Inside the mall not just groceries and luxury things you can get, but also pharmacy, and even hotel and apartment with quite big parking lot; pretty cool. If you are in the need of a quick shop for souvenirs from Banjarmasin, you can look around at Duta Mall (although you could also find some at Mitra Plaza). [more ]

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