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Tee Box, Jakarta

5.0 stars


Tee Box

One café that I sometimes went to while working in Jakarta was the Tee-box café; this is a great café with restaurant on the front side. Expect the loud live music when you are at the café especially when it’s T.G.I Friday night. While there isn’t age restriction for the restaurant, to go inside the café there obviously is as they served liquors. Before you enter the café (the door is really grand), on the right side you will find a tiny bakery area where I totally recommend their tiramisu. Taxis although are not that hard to find around the area, still expect the worst where sometimes there isn’t any taxis around which happened to us one time, so we had to ask the security to call for a cab for us. The washroom is pretty neat inside the café and there is always a female or male worker standing outside the washroom area wearing a uniform, to greet you and such, pretty nice. As you enter the café, to your left side is the billiard tables’ area and further left is the washroom; right in front of the billiard area is the bar. Tee-box is pretty well known, in fact, quite a few times I saw famous Indonesian actress or actors and even politician or high rank police generals at Tee-box café. [more ]

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