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London Bridge

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London Bridge

London Bridge is definitely one of the main tourist attractions in London. You can see the bridge from any sightseeing tour bus or ship and most tourists like to cross it, as a reminder that they have indeed been to London. We first saw the bridge before visiting the Tower of London and decided to cross to the other side and take a picture on the bridge. The whole construction is lovely and you only realize how huge it is where you're crossing it. The views of the Thames surrounded by lovely historical buildings are amazing and I recommend this tourist activity to all. It's a really special feeling the one you get up there on the bridge. [more ]

London bridge

London bridge was the only bridge that cross the Thames until the Westminster bridge was completed.

London bridge dates back to Roman times, even though majority of bridges that stood at its place were either destroyed by the invading Danes or were simply burned down. During medieval times London bridge had timber houses along the length of the bridge, with the most popular being the Gatehouse that had a display of severed heads of traitors such as William Wallace (yup the Braveheart one). London bridge had to be redesigned and this was done by Sir John Rennie with the new bridge opening up in 1831. Believed it or not, this bridge was sold to a US businessman in the 60s and then reassembled in Texas (the businessman though he bought the Tower bridge, oh Lord!). The current bridge was finished and opened up in 1972 some 5 years after the construction started. [more ]

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