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Montmartre, Paris

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The Montmatre area (18e) is one of my favourite in Paris. But that is probably because I like walking around aimlessly and just looking in tacky souvenir shops, and checking out the locals. There is a really eclectic crowd, and heaps of buskers and people just doing their own thing. Bars flow onto the sidewalks with people, and there are crepe stands on every corner. People sit in the park and drink champagne, wine or beer, and it is a really relaxed place to go and get away from Paris city. Easy to get to by train, it’s always on the itinerary when passing through Paris. [more ]

Exploring Montmartre by train

When I visited Paris, I did a great and cheap train tour in the region of Montmartre. The little train departed from Place Blanche, near the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge and crossed the Montmartre region, passing through very tiny and beautiful streets and the Cimetieres de Montmartre and Saint-Vincent, Eglise Saint-Pierre, Place Constantin Pecqueuer, the Musee de Montmartre, among other attractions. However, in my opinion, the highlights of the tour were La Basilique du Sacre-Coeur and Place du Tertre. In this last one, the train stopped for some minutes in order to let the passengers enjoy the area.. If someone would like to stay more time, they could take the next trains with no additional cost. I did this and I truly recommend stopping in the charming Place du Tertre, to admire the artists of the Montmartre, and walking around the Basilica (just few minutes from the Place), once the panoramic view of Paris is amazing. [more ]

Monmartre, the heart of Bohemian Paris

Monmartre is Paris’ bohemian quarter popular with artists and create types for centuries. It is famous for the Moulin Rouge, Absynthe and great artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec who created some masterpieces based around this area.

Due to this famous past, it has now been converted into a bit of a tourist trap and there are many artists in the streets hassling you for a portrait. Despite this, it is still a really charming area and if you manage to get away from the main tourist drag you can still experience the bohemian atmosphere. We did a walking tour from our guide book and it was a great way to see the landmarks and enjoy the streets without the crowds. There are great views over Paris from the top of the hill as well. [more ]


Montmartre is the nice hilly quarter in Northern Paris, featuring the famous basilica Sacre Coeur. It is also where the movie Amelie takes place, but actually looks a litte bit worse than what was depicted in the movie. I especially didn't like the crowds of people trying to put a string on your finger and then making you pay for it that you will meet all the way to the basilica at the top of the hill. You have to be really careful in preventing them from reaching your fingers or just go with it and buy some of these ridiculous colourful strings for a price of several euros. At least the guys selling Eifel tower keyholders are not that persistant.
Monmartre is a place where you can see the real Paris of these days and not just the image that is presented to the tourists. [more ]

ComfortInn Montmartre

Comfort Inns are reliably good, clean, and cheap crash-pads across the
globe and Paris was no exception. The Comfort Inn Montmartre, though
in a bit of a dodgy area, is a straight shot down Boulevard Sebastien
to the Seine and Ile de la Cite. The rooms are safe and the staff is
accommodating (breakfast is included). It's a good hotel, especially
in a pinch, although you can find better and cheaper options closer to
the heart of the city if you dig around a bit. [more ]


Montmartre is a highest point in Paris in the 18th arrondissement. The name means Mountain of the Martyr after the martyrdom of Saint Denis, the patron saint of France. It's famous for the hill being the sight of the beautiful Basilica of the Sacré Cœur, for the steps that it takes to climb the 130 meters up the hill, the nightclub scene (including the Moulin Rouge) and for being a popular artists district. Van Gogh spent time there as did Salvador Dalí, Monet, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Picasso, Henri Matisse, Hemingway, James Joyce, and Samuel Beckett. Join these famous names like I did by trekking up the many stairs to Montmartre. There are a number of great restaurants and cafes, though the owners seem to have capitalized on the bohemian fame and popularity of the area and pumped up the prices. I loved the art section of local artists selling their work of local Paris hotspots; I just wished that I had more room in my bag to bring things home.

It takes a bit of a walk to get up the hill, but the view is definitely worth it. If you're feeling tired, you can get the funicular railway that runs up and down the hill. [more ]

Montmartre is the Best

Montmartre is one of the most varied areas in all of Paris. At its very top is the most touristy area, housing the Basilica Sacré-Coeur as well as a very famous section devoted to street artists. However, as you descend the jagged streets to the base of the Mont, you will discover several other aspects of the neighborhood.

There is a vineyard at the very top of the mountain, which produces wine every year. A half-bottle is quite expensive, but head to Montmartre during the wine harves in September to try a glass or to buy bottles from all over France.

The streets along the mountain generally good for shopping and food, such as rue des Abbesses and rue des Martyrs, and the street at the very base of the mountain also offers a varied and eclectic nightlife: Pigalle is known as the Parisian red-light district, and Middle Eastern shisha bars mingle with strip clubs, including the famous Moulin Rouge. [more ]


I first became fascinated with this area of Paris when reading Van Gogh's biography. I was fascinated with the whole atmosphere described in the book and how it was a perfect place for artists, especially painters. The lovely cafes where unsuccessful painters gathered for a cheap drink and a talk about daily issues seem to exist still, though I supposed most of them have been restored. Speaking of Van Gogh, the house where he and his brother lived can be seen in Montmartre at 54Rue Lepic. I felt great to walk the same narrow alleys and streets some of the most famous artists in the world walked, when they were still unknown and rather poor. You should really visit this area as, apart from having this historical atmosphere, is is also very beautiful. [more ]

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