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Ravencourt Park, Hammersmith

3.0 stars


Ravencourt family park

Close to Hammersmith st. there is a nice small park called Ravencourt Park . Family friendly - sure a true family paradise in the middle of this crasy chaotic world outside. If you succed in juggling the pram out from the station you only have to walk for some minutes down Kings st, turn right when you get to the tall sleep Inn with a moon on the front and you are there. On a normal weekend afternoon the narrow footpaths are full of parents carrying one kid on their shoulders, one in the right hand and one in the pram they are pushing in front of them with their feets. If you don't have kids you can still use the park for a run, a small nap (watch out for the balls) or just sit on one of the many benches. In general you have the feeling that the people in the park live in the area - all the young - parents - middleclass - London people (in a positive way :) It looks very cosy and kick of your shoes and enjoy... [more ]

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