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Tut Ank Ahmen (Tutankamen), Luxor

5.0 stars


Tutankamen, the Best Restaurant in Luxor

We found this restaurant on the recommendation of one of our guides on a horseback ride, and we were delighted with his choice. The food was the best we had in Luxor, and quite possibly the best we had in Egypt.

We paid 20 Egyptian Pounds for a 5-course meal, which provided more food than the two of us could possibly eat. The chef apparently used to cook for one of the French archaeological teams in the area, and his skills were definitely in evidence. The food was amazing, as was the view. We sat outside on the terrace overlooking the Nile, and we had a clear view of the lights of Luxor Temple, which was directly opposite the restaurant. Everything was very clean, even the toilets, which is impressive in Luxor!

While we waited for the food, we read through the comments in the guest book, all of which were highly complimentary. It seems this restaurant has been a favourite stop for many, many travelers, and with this level of quality and atmosphere, I am sure it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. [more ]

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Tut Ank Ahmen (Tutankamen) Luxor
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