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Iberotel, Luxor

4.0 stars
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Iberotel Luxor: Come for the Pool!

The Iberotel is a very reasonably-priced four-star hotel on the banks of the Nile. It is located at the far end of a string of hotels, but no more than 8 minutes' walk from Luxor Temple and the ferry crossing to the West Bank. Prices start at $87 for an interior room, though you can often find better deals through other websites. We paid only $45 per night for a two-night stay including breakfast. If you have the means to pay a little extra, you can get a room with a spectacular view of the Nile.

The hotel is clean and the rooms are comfortable, though nondescript. The pool, which is on a floating platform in the Nile itself, is a wonderful relief on a warm afternoon. This is the perfect place to relax after a morning of dusty sightseeing in Luxor. You can lounge in one of the many comfortable chairs next to the pool, enjoy a poolside massage, and order drinks from the bar.

The gardens overlooking the Nile also make for a pleasant afternoon of relaxation with a gin and tonic. There are also several onsite restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine, from italian food to sushi, but the quality is not very good for the price, and you would probably be better of venturing outside the hotel and finding a local eatery. Having said that, the breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of food, and you can always choose to eat outside in the lovely gardens. Overall, this is an excellent hotel for the price. [more ]

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2. Nobi's Stables 2.55 mi
3. Cario to Luxor Trains 2.75 mi
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1. Tut Ank Ahmen (Tutankamen) 1.20 mi
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