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Ramasseum Rest House, Luxor

4.0 stars


Ramasseum Rest House

This is a small, family-run restaurant which serves good quality lunches for a reasonable price. It's located just opposite the entrance to the Ramasseum, hence the original name, and it's a good place to rest in the shade and enjoy a bite to eat or just a cool drink. The food is a mix of western and middle eastern, with french fries accompanying falafel or shwarma. The food is good and the portions are large. Everything is served with some delicious-looking fresh vegetables, but beware of eating these! As with any raw vegetables in Luxor, the water used to wash them may be dangerous to your digestion!

Nevertheless, the restaurant is clean and the staff, which may range from grandson to great-grandfather, are pleasant and helpful. You can wheel your bicycle into the terrace while you eat, which is a plus, since none of the bicycle shops I've found offer you any way of securing your bike when you've left it. As with many public toilets in Egypt, you may need to provide your own toilet tissue in the restrooms here. It's not a luxury stop by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a relaxing place to spend an hour or so in the heat of the Egyptian afternoon. [more ]

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