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Medinat Habu, Luxor

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Medinat Habu

Because it is slightly off the main road to the Valley of the Kings, Medinat Habu is a site which tourists often miss. But it is well worth your time! The temple is built on the break between the green farmland surrounding the small towns of the West Bank and the start of the vast desert that leads up to the mountains beyond. This is a truly impressive temple complex that was inhabited until the 9th century. Though this temple is most often associated with Ramses III, a number of different pharaohs added on to this complex, as well as the Ptolemies after the Romans controlled Egypt in the first couple of centuries B.C.E.

Even if you're not interested in the history behind the place, the ruins themselves are massive, and we spent almost two hours wandering through the site and feeling absolutely dwarfed by the size and age of the walls around us. I was especially impressed by the colour left on some of the walls; it helped me imagine what the complex must have been like at its height. If you have to choose, give the Ramasseum and miss and spend your time at Medinat Habu instead. It's well worth the 30 Egyptian pounds (or 15 if you're lucky enough to be a student) that you'll spend to get in. [more ]

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