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Antiquities Office/Ticket Office for the West Bank, Luxor

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Buying Tickets for Sites on Luxor's West Bank

Tickets for the most popular destinations on the West Bank, including the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, are available for purchase at the sites themselves. Beware, however, that tickets for many sites on the West Bank can ONLY be bought at the Antiquities Office. While this system can be a true pain if you've arrived at a site and are denied entry for lack of a ticket, as long as you are aware of it in advance, it's quite simple.

Follow the main road up from the ferry port for a little over 3km, and the Antiquities Office is located on the left side of the road just before the major junction which takes you up to the Valley of the Kings. Prices are fairly reasonable, with entry to each site costing between 20 and 30 Egyptian pounds, or half that price if you are lucky enough to be a student. If you are a student, be sure to take proper ID with you. An ISIC (International Student Identification Card) will do wonders, but many other student identification cards will not be accepted. The ticket office opens at 6am, and most of the sites are open from 7am, although earlier entry is possible if the guards are feeling generous. This may sound like it's far too early for most people, but if you go early, you'll beat the heat of the afternoon, and you can fall asleep by the pool instead! [more ]

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