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Tombs of the Nobles, Luxor

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The Tombs of the Nobles

The Tombs of the Nobles are often passed over in favour of the more famous tombs in the Valley of the Kings. While these tombs are certainly not as large or as richly decorated as those of the pharaoh's, they are often better preserved because they sustain less damage from tourist traffic every year. Many of the paintings are completely intact, and the colours are still bright. I visited the tombs of Rekhmire and Sennofer, and I was delighted with both. The paintings in Sennofer's tomb are particularly bright and well-preserved. We visited these tombs on our way down the hill from the Valley of the Kings, and while we found them less grand, the details were better preserved.

Tickets for the tombs of the Nobles are sold in groups at the Antiquities Office, and they are priced according to the Egyptian authorities' estimation of their tourist potential. The larger site is located across the road from the Ramasseum, but the individual tombs are interspersed among homes and guest houses on a steep hill, and you may have a hard time finding them. Most, but not all, are signposted, but you won't see the sign until you're halfway there. It can definitely be confusing. If you need a guide, there are usually plenty of young children from the village waiting in the parking lot to escort you to the various sites for a small fee. You will definitely need a torch here, as these sites are less frequented and therefore less equipped than those in the Valley of the Kings. [more ]

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Tombs of the Nobles Luxor Village near Luxor, Tombs of the Nobles Village near Luxor Donkey I Wheels
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