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Luxor Temple

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Luxor Temple by Night

By day, Luxor Temple is just one more in a long string of temples to see in Luxor. But at night, it becomes something else altogether! Luxor Temple is mercifully spared the horrid sound effects that accompany the kitschy light show at Karnak, just a few miles south, and the effect here is to enhance the mystery of the site and the enjoyment of the visitor.

The night-time beauty of this temple makes you feel as though you need to whisper while you are inside. The Avenue of the Sphinxes is particularly stunning lit up a night, and the further down the Avenue you go, the more you can appreciate that pleasant feeling of the hairs raising on the back of your neck as you imagine that you have drifted back thousands of years and are seeing the temple at its height. It's hard to do justice to this place in words, but the pictures speak volumes.

The temple is open until 9pm, or until 10pm in the summer months. The entrance fee is 50 Egyptian pounds, or 25 pounds for students. While it is among the more expensive sites, and you can get some great photos from outside the complex, it is well worth your money to go inside and enjoy the mysterious shadows and coloured lights up close. [more ]

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