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The Seafood Restaurant, Saint Andrews

5.0 stars


Excellent Food in an Unbeatable Location

The Seafood Restaurant has won a string of awards that is too long to list here. The name emphasizes the specialty, but there is more than seafood on offer at this restaurant.

The chef has a passion for blending different textures and flavours, which results in some unique winning combinations. Whatever fish you order, it is always done to a turn, and sauces are calculated to augment rather than hide the natural flavours. Shellfish is a particular specialty. The desserts are fairly simple but no less delicious for that.

The staff is attentive and knowledgeable and warmer than I expected to find at a restaurant in this price range. But even more than the excellent food and service, the location of this restaurant can't be beat. Built literally over the water, floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides let in the light and provide uninterrupted views over the sea and the famous West Sands. If you can time your meal to coincide with the sunset, you are in for a real treat.

The prices reflect the quality of the food: expect to pay £35 per person for a 3-course dinner. Winter lunch menus are only £14.95 for 3 courses (on weekdays, of course!) The wine selection is fairly good, and the staff are quite knowledgeable at matching food and wine if you have any questions.

The Seafood Restaurant also has a sister restaurant in St. Monans, where it is rumoured that the food is slightly better, but for atmosphere, The Seafood Restaurant in St. Andrews takes the cake. [more ]

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