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101 Connection, Saint Andrews

3.0 stars


Take Away with a Fried Snickers Bar

As far as fry bars go, 101 Connection is one of the finer establishments I've come across. Yes, the food is greasy, but what else does one expect in a fry bar? The kitchen and the service area are clean, and the staff is friendly and patient, which is key when you're out for a late night snack and you're a little the worse for wear. This is a take-away only establishment, the advantage being that take-away food is quite inexpensive.

The fish and chips are advertised as the best (of the take away variety, at least) in St. Andrews, and they definitely hit the spot if you're out wandering late at night and have had more beer than is good for you. 101 is open late (which means roughly midnight in St. Andrews!) and also offers pizza, burgers, and the ever-popular fried Mars bar. You can opt for a fried Snickers bar, if you prefer. I was brave enough to try one of these once, and I admit that although I didn't hate it, I'll never do it again! If it's one of those things you just have to try while you're in Scotland, though, this is the place to do it! [more ]

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