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L'etoile Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City

5.0 stars


L'etoile restaurant

As an “outstanding restaurant of the world”, L’etoile restaurant does offer visitors a great atmosphere with really classical elegant decor and great tradition French cuisine. My friends and I had heard about this restaurant a lot before we decided to go their for dinner once and it was quite satisfying. However, this restaurant is somewhat for upper-class people as the prices were all in dollars and the cheapest main meals all start from $8. We were really shocked to take a glance at the price but too embarassed to leave the restaurant after their nice staff found us six seats when the restaurant was pretty much filled already. So we ended up paying a lot of money at the end of the evening, but the food was absolutely delicious and the red wine we had tasted definitely better than we expected. Eventhough it was a bit pricy, the meal was really worth every cent. [more ]

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