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Leidseplein, Amsterdam

4.0 stars


The liveliest square of Amsterdam

Leidseplan is not just another square in a city centre. The big number of restaurants and bars and just itself an invitation to spend a couple of hours exploring some of them. Either if you chose to sit inside the bars or at the tables in the square, a good beer and good time are ensured. My tip is to stay outside once it is possible to also enjoy the trams passing by. The square is very well located, it is possible to explore other touristic and not very touristic places with just a few minutes walk. The place is also known for having a good concentration of Ajax supporters on match days, which makes the area even nicer but noisier. ] [more ]


Leidseplein reminds a bit with its lively atmosphere of Leicester square in London. It used to be sort of parking space, this is where peasants would leave their carts before entering the city, but today it is integral part of city and swarming with people. It is a bit of a meeting point as it is a busy tram intersection, so people meet here and usually hit one of the surrounding venues for some entertainment. There are bars and clubs and theaters and cinemas, truly a plenty to choose from. Street performers add a delightful tone to the charm of the place, especially during the summer months. However the downside since it is so crowded and there is so much to choose from, it is also a popular spot for drunk and rowdy tourists and pickpockets so mind your belongings. [more ]

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Leidseplein Amsterdam leidseplein. Canal Amsterdam Leidseplein. Amsterdam
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