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Gordy's Hi Hat, Cloquet

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Gordy's Hi Hat

If you are planning on taking a trip to Duluth, Minnesota and you have a rent a car or you have your own car then you should consider taking a short drive up to Cloquet, Minnesota which is only about ten miles south on Interstate thirty five. The reason that you should go to Cloquet is because they have this famous restaurant there which is called Gordy’s Hi Hat. Gordy’s Hi Hat is one of the most famous restaurants in the Duluth area and is by far the most famous restaurant in Cloquet. Gordy’s is famous for their great service and nineteen fifties style of business. What I mean by fifties style is that it is really traditional American where they actually write your order in pen and pay attention to you. [more ]

Gordy's Hi Hat

If you are in the Duluth area and want to get a great burger then you should consider going to a place in Cloquet (which is just a ways outside of Duluth) called Gordy’s Hi Hat. Gordy’s is a fun little family owned business that is notorious for there great service, great food, and virtually unbeatable prices. Gordy’s is a great place to take the family. They cook many different foods there such as fish, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken, fries, and many other things to. If you are in Cloquet and ask a local where to find Gordy’s, chances are they will get a huge smile on their face and enthusiastically point you in the right direction. [more ]

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