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Die Brucke Museum, Berlin

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Die Brucke Museum

This small box of a museum that was built and opened in the sixties is a tribute to Berlin's German Expressionist's that worked in the city befre the advent of WW I. Kirchner, Scmidt-Rottloff and Emil Nolde are just a few of the names associated with this art movement. Located in a small city park amidst a small grove of trres the museum houses a wonderful permanent collection, plus it puts some interesting shows that pertain to the activities of Die Brucke.Sometimes they even show world from the other group of Expressionists that worked out of Munich at the same time. They were called the Blue Rider and with such notables as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc, they are better known in art circles. Take the bus out here and enjoy both the museum and park. [more ]

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