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The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

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The Little Mermaid

This is probably one of the most overrated tourist attractions anywhere, or maybe it is just the fact that the little lady is so small. In reality, she is living proof that photography has no scale. Still, visitors come from all over the world to visit one of Hans Christian Andersens most cherished creations. They come by the bus load to
stop, stare and shoot off their cameras. The tourists are just as interesting as the little statue that sits just a few feet from the shoreline on her pedestal in the harbor. They form lines along the edge of the water and gaze at the statue in the water. Then they get back on the tour bus or wander off into the maze of streets that is called Copenhagen. [more ]

The little mermaid

Have you ever seen the movie the Little Mermaid? If you have then do you know where it originated from? Well, actually Hanz Christian Anderson wrote this tale based on “The Little Mermaid Statue” which is right in Copenhagen. Personally, even though I am an adult, I did really enjoy that movie. I thought it was really cool that the statue was in Copenhagen. It is not all that impressive but it is really nice to say that you have a picture of the original Little Mermaid. We had a really good time when we were at this particular sight because the atmosphere there was really relaxed and peaceful. I would recommend checking out this sight if you are in Copenhagen. [more ]

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The Little Mermaid Copenhagen Die kleine Meerjungfrau
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