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Golden Chopstick, Amsterdam

1.0 stars


Golden Chopsticks Restaurant

I know that service is not perfect in Amsterdam, but come on, give me a break the way that my fiancée and I were treated at the Golden Chopsticks is flat out inexcusable. We sat down at the Golden Chopsticks after a long day of walking in and out of the canal streets and soaking up the awesome atmosphere of Amsterdam. By the way, the Golden Chopsticks is an Asian restaurant, located right next to Dam square. We ordered some famous Jasmine tea (which tasted really bad) and continued to talk to each other and relax. This mean looking waitress came up to us and said “okay, what you order?” I replied, “We are just going to have tea thank you.” She then kicked us out and would not let us finish our tea. It was the worse restaurant experience I have ever had. [more ]

Golden Chopstick

If you are planning on going to Amsterdam on want to get some delicious Asian food then you should go anywhere but the Golden Chopsticks. The reason that I say this is because I talked to somebody who lives in Amsterdam that said that they don’t wash their hands there at all and that they also serve meat that is not fully cooked. I also heard that a lot of the people that work there are actually criminals who were given an opportunity to get a job illegally and that the staff there is also kind of dangerous. Don’t quote me on this; it is just what a local Amsterdamer told me. I just want to make sure that you don’t have to have a bad experience by paying for really terrible food and service that goes with it. [more ]

Golden Chopsticks Restaurant

I actually wanted to write about some good restaurants in the centre of Amsterdam, but then I think that you, travelers, would like to know about which restaurant that you should never step in. One of these terrible restaurants is the Chinese restaurant, Golden Chopsticks. It just got too cold that evening and we wanted to have some hot tea to warm ourselves up by a random restaurant. We did not choose to go to a coffee shop because, as you might already know, any coffee shop would be filled with smoke and that was not what we wanted at the moment. Anyway we picked this Chinese restaurant, wanting to have some tea and probably some snacks like soups or some like that. It might take us so long to enjoy our hot green tea that a lady, probably the owner, came to us and asked very impolitely, “what to eat?”. We actually just wanted to mess with her and said, “no, just a tea”, she just like almost exposed and said angrily, “here no only drink, have to eat or you leave now.” We were like... “what the heck?”... she did kick us out, just because we didn’t want to order some to eat. I mean what for a service. I will not suggest this restaurant at all, if you expect more than just food. [more ]

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Golden Chopstick Amsterdam
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