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The Jewish Ghetto, Venice

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Tranquil quarter and interesting facades

Ghetto Ebraico di Venezia or Jewish Ghetto is in the old Cannaregio. This area used to be the periphery of Venice in the 1300´s, and where Jews were confined back then. Here you will find a tranquil quarter with back streets and old synagogues. We did not join any of the tours but decided instead to walk around the quarter. Street´s facades showed a sort of deterioration or decadent look, with a distinctive Venetian influence in the style. The Jewish Guetto was really different and quieter than the rest of Venice attractions. To get to the Jewish Ghetto get a vaporetto with stop at S. Marculoa. From there it will be a short walk to the quarter. About 8-10 minutes. [more ]

The Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto is located at Cannaregio.

The Venetian Ghetto is not a modern history invention but it dates back to 16th century, more accurately 1516. Up until then Jews were allowed to come to Venice, however they could not retain the residency permits. More then 700 Jews were forced to move to this isolated part of Venice, that was completely surrounded by water and had 2 check point that were severely controlled by Christian guards in evenings and nighttime. In 18th century when Napoleon arrived to Venice, the Jews were finally allowed to roam freely, however to this day the Venetian ghetto is the base for the Jewish community in Venice. It is a pretty part of Venice and not overcrowded with tourists so do go for a walk there. [more ]

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