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Makati Shangri-La

5.0 stars


Defining Luxury in the Philippines

Makati Shangri-La is a definite mover in the hotel industry. There are concrete reasons why. By far, it is one of the most favored hotels for local and foreign VIPs alike. Its immeasurable comfort is its real allure.

I happened to be in Makati Shangri-La hotel for a number of times. All of which, however, are very limited. Mostly, I come to the hotel to attend corporate events sponsored by our media partners. But time constraint is never a hindrance for me to appreciate the real goodness of Makati Shangri-La. I love its elegant interiors. I love its comfortable air. I love its secured appeal. Makati Shangri-La has made me feel truly at home in more ways than one. In fact, I think I have memorized its every corner by experience.

Makati Shangri-La is very accessible. It is situated right at the busy and luxurious streets of Makati, the New York City of the Philippines. It is about 20 minutes away from the international airport and about a couple of walks away from some of the country's finest malls. It has close to 700 guestrooms and suites, each is tailored on an above-standard quality. Its versatile function rooms are, yes, very versatile. That's probably the reason Makati Shangri-La's calendar is almost always full with personal and corporate events the whole year through.

Dining is also a wonderful experience at Makati Shangri-La. Aside from the in-house goodness, it is also home to different restaurants that bring international flavors in such a sweet package. There's Red for satisfying seafood meals, Inagiku for fresh-from-the-market sushi stuff, Shang Place for authentic Cantonese dishes, and Circles Cafe for the most extensive selection of delectable Continental recipes.

Entertainment venues are lively by day and by night at Makati Shangri-La hotel. You can relax by the pool with a refreshing beverage at hand or socialize around at the bars to find new friends. Aside from that, recreation facilities at the elite Makati Shangri-la are definite must-tries. Pools, tennis courts, Aromatherapy spots, and dance studios are out to give you reasons to squeeze in some leisure time in your busy schedule.

Once inside the posh hotel, you will not find any reason to go elsewhere. Makati Shangri-La is packed with just about everything you will ever need. If you ever find its selection lacking in anyway, no need to worry because you have the whole city outside to explore. Whether you are in it for business or just about an adventure, staying at the Makati Shangri-La hotel will make it truly enjoyable for you and for whoever you are with. It always did for me!

Makati Shangri-La is truly one of the busiest hotels around. So if you will ever need it for anything, a personal or corporate event, a business or leisure trip, you must remember to book as early as you can. A lot of people, local and tourists alike, seek the brand of extravagance that Makati Shangri-la offers. Do not risk losing an opportunity to enjoy it yourself by booking late. [more ]

A Hotel that Offers an Excellent Way to Unwind

Another of those Manila hotels that is worth mentioning is the Shangrila Makati Hotel in Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City. Starting with an offer of around 203US$ for staying, this attractive and luxurious hotel is home to many tourists and Filipinos.

With 699 comfortable rooms to stay in, this hotel gives excellent services and complete amenities to pamper its many guests. And when you enter your own choice of room, you may agree with me that its clean surroundings make it even wonderful to come home to.

Other hotel amenities are also there to take care of your different needs. For your business needs, there are conference and meeting rooms available. If you get hungry or would like to have a relaxing drink, there are also venues for dining with the most delectable of dishes from the hotel’s handful of restaurants and bars. Currency exchange services are also included. And if you want to burn some calories and work up a sweat, there are also fitness facilities in the hotel to go to. [more ]

The Perfect Location!

I think the Makati Shangrila Hotel has one of the BEST locations in the Makati City business district, especially if you're either an urbanite hoping to discover urban living in the Philippines, or a businessman having a few meetings in town, or the regular tourist who wants to get away from it all and still be close enough to major creature comforts!

Just a few minutes away, or should I say, directly in front of the hotel, is the entrance of the Glorietta shopping mall and the Hard Rock Hotel! So definitely action is available a stone's throw away. There is also an urban park in the middle between the mall and the hotel where there are interesting events at times. [more ]

Gourmet Coffee after a Great Bike Run?

I think that most people in the hotel industry underestimate the needs of travellers when they're tired, jet-lagged and need to get their act together the next day for a long day of sight-seeing!

What's cool about the gym at the Makat Shangrila is that it has an extra perk aside from bottles of water after your long bike run on the stationary bicycle! Early morning risers (or worse, those who can't shake off the jet-lag) are welcomed to the smell of freshly made gourmet coffee from the resident expresso machine. Now isn't that a way to way up in the Philippines! [more ]

Gym Facilities Open 24 Hours a Day!

The Health Club of the Makati Shangrila Hotel is definitely in itself a draw to fitness buffs. There is a range of equipment--all new of course--and a separate room for classes in spinning, yoga, etc.

Each of the equipment is great for getting your endorphin rush while getting the latest news on the individual TV screens! With each runner having his own treadmill, TV set and headphones, he's all set to run his own marathons in the middle of the Makati urban city.

And did I say it's open even in the middle of the night? Not all gyms let you work out when you can't sleep! But this one does! [more ]

Masterpiece Asian buffet at Circle's

When Circle's the signature restaurant in the Makati Shangrila Hotel opened, it was to much fanfare. Imagine, a station for sushi, for Southeast Asian food, for seafood, for salad, for Indian food, East Asian food, any many more including a chocolate fondue fountain!

Families definitely loved the new buffet style concept. So yes, it was a tad pricey, but the food was delicious, the choices were spectacular, what else could you ask for.

Last visit to Circles, there was actually a festival for Turkish cuisine and culture. There was a lady in a charming genie-like costume pouring Turkish coffee for guests. Now that was truly memorable! [more ]

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