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Glorietta Mall, Makati

4.0 stars


Shopping Thrills at the Glorietta Mall

Whenever you think of shopping in Makati City, you'd think immediately to try any one of the Glorietta Malls that are connected to each other (and quite close to the Metro Rail Transit, or the monorail that runs through the main highway in Metro Manila)!

Glorietta Mall hosts the Hard Rock Cafe in the Philippines! A lot of famous acts both local and foreign have performed in the intimate two story stage.

Banks, music stores, shopping, cinemas, food and more food places are in the mall to be discovered!!! Watch out though it can get crowded! [more ]

The Hub for "Mallers"

Glorietta is the most diverse mall in Metro Manila. It is divided into four portions while the mall’s developers are creating a fifth part to the mall. The shops that can be found range from restaurants to fashion boutiques and even computer shops and arcades. However, the most famous part of Glorietta is G4, where movie buffs enjoy a wide variety of films; not just Hollywood blockbusters, but also sensitive foreign films that appeal to a more learned audience of film aficionados. Also, many music events are held in the Glorietta Activity Center located in the heart of the mall. Music acts such as Sean Kingston and Vanessa Carlton have made their way to the Glorietta stage, entertaining both fans and shoppers alike. [more ]

Movies at Glorietta 4

One of the best small theatres in the Metro Manila is located in the mall at Glorietta 4. I consider it a good place to watch movies because it's new and has great comfy seats! It has a great food court below the cinema so you can get a good meal at good prices before or after you watch your movie with the family or friends. And then there is the good part--the fact that they are terribly punctual--the schedules are great, everything starts and ends of time. So those in the queue for their movie to start know how much time they have left to go do a window shopping before coming back to the theatre. [more ]

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