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Balaka, Saint Andrews

2.0 stars


Banal Bangladeshi Restaurant

Balaka boasts of winning several awards for its cuisine, but I must admit that my several experiences eating here, while perfectly adequate, have done nothing to indicate the reason for these awards. The food is good, but it falls well short of award-winning. The rice is dry, and the main courses themselves lack the flavour I expect from a good Bangladeshi restaurant. Their special offers are no better than the rest of the menu, and the prices, while not exorbitant, definitely reflect the awards won rather than the actual worth of the food. The wine selection is adequate but not impressive. The service is quite good, and the staff are very warm and attentive. But this doesn't make up for the disappointment of the food itself. If you're looking for good Bangladeshi food in a warm environment, then you will probably find this experience perfectly adequate. But if you are expecting award-winning cuisine or something out of the ordinary, you will definitely be disappointed. Balaka offers nothing in the way of quality or selection that can't be found at hundreds of other Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants in Scotland. [more ]

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