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Nes and Tats Resort and Restaurant, Oton

5.0 stars


Nes n' Tats, An Excursion Haven at Oton

Do you plan to have a family outing? Or simply a place to relax, cool your head down and breath some fresh air? The perfect place is Nes n Tats in Barangay Botong, Oton, approximately 25 kilometers southwest of Iloilo City. It is a beach resort with all the amenities for all the fun's needs. Aside form the beach, the place has also its swimming pools to enjoy at. The adult pool is 5 feet deep in all areas while there is a little kiddie pool as well which I estimated to be at most 3 feet deep.

When we had our Christmas party at the place, we enjoyed all the facilities. We rented the only cootage that has a second level gazebo giving us a perfect view of the sea. But I have to warn you though that if you are too conscious about your hair, it is not advisable to be up there because the wind is so much stronger flying things in this direction and that!. Aside the place we rented, all the cottages in the area are in the ground level, no second floors. The room cottages are also air conditioned to combat the tropical heat in the Philippines.

For the food, there is no problem because there is a big restaurant by the same owner in the same compound. But as I remember, only a small amount of food we purchased because we had our own party food taken with us. It was in the agreement that we were allowed to take food with us. So if you plan to do the same, you may arrange it with the contact and contract officer of the place. [more ]

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