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St. Andrew's Day, Saint Andrews

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St. Andrew's Day Festival on 30 November

Every year on 30 November, St. Andrews celebrates the festival of its patron saint. If you can make it to St. Andrews on this day, you will be well-rewarded for your trouble. Places that are otherwise off-limits to visitors, such as the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and the Mason's Lodge, are open for the only day of the year. You may never get another chance to go into the R&A, particularly if, like the author, you happen to be female! You can also obtain free entry into popular visitor's sites, such as the castle and St. Rule's tower. You'll find special dinners on offer at many of the restaurants and hotels in town, and fireworks over the town in the evening. To cap the day, you'll find a procession through the town led by a group of bagpipers which begins in front of St. Salvator's Cathedral on North Street and continues down to the harbour, from where you have an excellent view of the fireworks display. This is a truly Scottish experience, an appreciation of the history, culture, and pride of the Scottish people, and St. Andrews is a wonderful place to celebrate! [more ]

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St. Andrew's Day Saint Andrews Interior of Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St. Andrews
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