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Castle, Saint Andrews

2.0 stars


St. Andrews' Crumbling Castle

The Castle at St. Andrews is mostly derelict, with a few towers and cellars still intact. Everything is open to the elements, and the sea which beats against the cliffs below has taken its toll over the years. Nevertheless, this is an interesting and beautiful site, full of history, including one hanged bishop, one famous prisoner escape, and one tunnel excavation during a siege. This last is a famous story of a siege force who tried to tunnel under the castle wall, and a counter-tunnel dug by the inhabitants of the castle, who spent their time listening to the excavation of the siege party and tried to dig their tunnel defensive tunnel to meet the offensive one. I will leave you in suspense as to the outcome, but the tunnel itself still exists, and until fairly recently, stretched all the way into the cellar of a nearby bed and breakfast! One of the most interesting parts of the castle tour is the opportunity to climb down into this tunnel and cross under the scores. You can still see the original chisel marks on the stone walls.

A tour of the castle is a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, although the quality of the tour varies greatly depending upon which tour guide you get! The Castle is open from 9.30-5.30 in the summer months (4.30 in the winter) and costs £5 for adult visitors (£4 concessions, £2.50 for children). You can also purchase a joint ticket with the nearby cathedral for £7, which is a good option if you plan to see other sites in St. Andrews. [more ]

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