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Jericho Beach Hostel, Vancouver

3.0 stars


Tips about The Jericho Beach Hostel in Vancouver

I stayed at the Jericho Beach hostel in Vancouver in August of 2008. Here's what I have to report.

First the staff were a little grumpy with me, completely unprovoked. While I don't expect great customer service or anything from hostel staff who are probably making $10/hour, I still don't expect to be abused. I had to summon up courage to ask for help a couple times.

A major tip that you need to be aware of is that this hostel is not near any major shopping. If you arrive late at night, thinking you will go to the nearby pizzeria or something, forget about it! You will be walking for half an hour.

Also, this hostel is seasonal. It closes at the end of September so make sure your travel dates match their open season.

Otherwise this hostel is fine and you will probably enjoy yourself. [more ]

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