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Olympia, Prague

5.0 stars


Great Czech Food at a Reasonable Price

If you're interested in Czech haute cuisine, then Olympia is probably not the place for you. But if you're interested in some traditional Czech pub food and a good pint or glass of wine at a reasonable price, make tracks to Olympia.

This is an unassuming place, with adequate seating but no overly large. The service is good and the atmosphere is that of an upscale pub. The bar selection is quite good, and they offer a good medium range of red wines. You can ask for a Kozel combo, a combination of the light and dark Kozel beers, which is always a favourite of mine. I never drank beer before I moved to Prague, but Kozel Cerny changed my mind about beer entirely!

Aside from the drinks, Olympia offers delicious and affordable versions of various Czech classics, including knedliky, which are thick potato or bread dumplings, sometimes stuffed with pork, and Svitckova, a delicious beef dish which takes three days to make and which is incredibly unhealthy but worth every calorie!

Olympia is generally not crowded and you should have no trouble finding a table, even for parties of 6 or more. It is easily accessible from the centre of Prague, just on the corner at the Ujezd tram stop. For a balance of quality, quantity, and price, I can't recommend Olympia highly enough. [more ]

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